Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper is the founder and CEO of Amplify. After nearly 10 years in songwriting and music production, he spent a whirlwind year in Austin tackling the rigorous 90-hour weeks of Acton School of Business. Graduating with an entrepreneurial MBA and the life chops earned from balancing a demanding program and young kids, Ben worked in private equity before starting Amplify. Now, he acts as a growth guide to help businesses structure their operations with clarity and purpose.

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Mark Lupton

Mark Lupton serves as Partner & fractional CFO/COO at Amplify. He is an engineer by degree and spent his early career streamlining operations and increasing cash flow for energy businesses. After receiving his MBA from Acton School of Business, he has held various small business consulting roles in ecommerce finance, digital marketing and operational growth strategy. He now resides in Austin, Texas (with his wife, son & dog).

Isaiah Rifkin

Also an Acton MBA alum, Isaiah Rifkin serves as an Amplify fractional CFO/COO where he turns growth ideas into data-backed plans helping companies increase cash flow. Isaiah has been entrenched in operational decision-making in a variety of industries, including large events, non-profits, food and beverage, and emerging technology companies. He is drawn to work with people living the exciting and often-confusing entrepreneurial life. Isaiah lives in Austin where he spends his free time rock climbing or cooking up something tasty for friends.

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