We know small business owners are often alone and guessing when making important decisions.

We believe every business owner should have a Growth Guide who can provide simple and actionable next steps so they can hit their “why” sooner.



What should I do, considering my circumstances?

  • Where is my hidden cash potential?
  • Am I pricing correctly?
  • When will this opportunity break even?
  • Where is the bottleneck in my business?
  • Should I spend more on digital marketing?

Working together from our first call, we:

  1. Define the objective and goal of the analysis
  2. Map out the best method to go about answering the question
  3. Determine key assumptions and variables that affect outcomes
  4. Identify the important insights and results that reveal best next steps

We know that better decisions lead to businesses and people thriving.


How soon will we hit our important goals?

  • When will I need to __________?
  • When can I afford to __________?
  • What is the seasonality in my business?
  • Which opportunities should I prioritize?
  • Will I need to raise money? If so, when and how much?

Working together from our first call, we:

  1. Define what success means for your business
  2. Build custom cash forecast based off of historical data and growth efforts
  3. Map out key decision points and investments along the growth journey
  4. Track budget vs. forecast dashboard to ensure we're on track

Growing with a clear plan helps us be proactive instead of reactive.

Ready to grow with clarity, peace of mind and direction?

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Steve Soderholm

(Founder/CEO, Ranger Station)

“I am not a numbers guy at all and Amplify helps me sleep at night. As far as numbers go, We have grown over 100% over what we did in the first six months of last year. They are just so good at knowing where we should put our money.”