How to Scale Your Craft Fair Business

craft fair growth scaling May 08, 2019

For a lot of small businesses, warmer weather means the opportunity to get in front of new customers. On-street corners and fairgrounds all across the country, entrepreneurs are setting up to showcase their products in hopes of a nice sales boost and maybe some new evangelizing customers.

What a lot of the new customers don’t see, however, is just how much hard work the business owner put into showing up for the event. You develop the products, you source the materials, you oversee production and make sure the feel of your display and website are both on-brand--all to get the product to the point where it can be enjoyed by the customer.

This is a spot where a lot of entrepreneurs can get stuck if they’re not careful. The business grows but is capped at the point where the owner is still involved in every aspect. This plateau often falls short of the big goals and dreams that drove the founder to begin in the first place. A significant shift is required to break through...

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