From Kickstarter to Consistent Cash Flow: The Roadmap to a Sustainable Business

kickstarter raising money Mar 20, 2019

A successful product launch is one of the great highs that an entrepreneur experiences and few moments are as validating that you are taking your business in the right direction. Not long after the confetti falls, the reality sets in that there’s a job to be done.

For a new business, this is a significant fork in the road:

Should you periodically use Kickstarter for each new product release?


Should you create a self-sustaining business?

What are the ingredients of a sustainable business?

1. You have the first key ingredient: customers.

2. A clear end goal and a plan for the future.  

3. An ecosystem of experts.  Entrepreneurs surround themselves with people who do what they don’t have the time for. This includes a digital marketer, bookkeeper and assistant or implementer.

These are not small tasks, but it’s the only way for you as the business owner and visionary to get your head above water. Your new job is to make sure everything is moving in the...

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