Bridging The Gap: What to do when everyone's guessing

 Amplify recently spent some time in San Diego attending the Traffic & Conversions Summit, which bills itself as the largest marketing event in North America. Thousands of digital marketers gather each year to take a look at the current snapshot of digital marketing trends and to help businesses plan accordingly.

We left the conference with some great practical takeaways. The most significant nugget of truth we left with, however, was a confirmation of our previous suspicions: business owners and digital marketers experience a very real communication gap.  

In the back-and-forth conversation of ad spend and projections, business owners often don’t know their numbers as well as they think, and marketers usually take owners at their word. This disconnect can send well-intentioned businesses down the wrong path.

What Causes This Gap?

If you’re a small business owner, you understand the insane number of hats a single person is required to wear. In addition to...

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