Ranger Station: Getting a Strong Foundation by Starting with Unit Economics


One of our longest client relationships has been with Ranger Station, an amazing fragrance brand out of Nashville that was started a few years back by Steve Soderholm. 

From our earliest conversations it became clear that there was an opportunity to put a growth plan in place that began to address some key questions on the table:

  • How much can we self-finance our growth without the help of investors?

  • If we want to bring on investors at some point, when and why should we do so?

  • Where is the untapped opportunity to generate more profits?

We began by breaking down each candle into its unit economics--how much revenue we make when we sell each unit, and what profit remains once we deduct the cost of production and sales. At different points, we’ve identified opportunities to improve our pricing to better serve our customers and wholesale relationships, all while being careful to not miss out on capturing whatever demand was available. 

Once we defined unit...

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The Peach Truck: Using Seasonality to our Advantage

client story seasonality Jun 19, 2019

Close your eyes and imagine the best piece of fruit you’ve ever tasted. If you’ve had The Peach Truck (based in Nashville, TN), you probably just imagined eating one of their peaches. For a lot of people in the midwest, waiting in line to get a box often marks the beginning of summer.

Amplify came alongside founders Stephen and Jessica Rose this past year, and one of the goals was to grow the online revenue stream (think of Harry & David fruit boxes). With such a short selling window, we had to make sure we were balancing the supply of peaches with the high demand from their loyal audience and expanding to more people. Talk about seasonality!

The Peach Truck’s original plan heading into the season was to ramp up ad spend as much as possible throughout the three-month period and hope that more boxes were sent out this year.

We discovered a unique opportunity to acquire even more customers before the first peach was even picked off the tree. Peach lovers could...

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