Is it Really the Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Presence in the Chaos

being present holidays Nov 14, 2019

Movies, TV shows, social media and music have perfected the art of setting high expectations for the holiday season. The big romantic gesture, the perfect family feast, snowball fights with the kids. What is so illustrious about the pictures they paint? They promise an opportunity to be fully present in situations outside of our daily routine. An opportunity to hit pause on all the noise around us and turn to the things that make us feel fulfilled. 

For a lot of business owners, hitting that pause button doesn't seem like an option.  The holidays can be one of the more stressful times of the year. Months of preparation has led to what is hoped (and frankly is needed) to be the best quarter of the year--an opportunity to put some significant cash in the bank heading into the new year. 

Adding to the stress, this reality is often not fully understood by close friends and relatives, which can lead to questions like:

  • Will you be able to take the whole week of...

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