How to Scale Your Craft Fair Business

craft fair growth scaling May 08, 2019

For a lot of small businesses, warmer weather means the opportunity to get in front of new customers. On-street corners and fairgrounds all across the country, entrepreneurs are setting up to showcase their products in hopes of a nice sales boost and maybe some new evangelizing customers.

What a lot of the new customers don’t see, however, is just how much hard work the business owner put into showing up for the event. You develop the products, you source the materials, you oversee production and make sure the feel of your display and website are both on-brand--all to get the product to the point where it can be enjoyed by the customer.

This is a spot where a lot of entrepreneurs can get stuck if they’re not careful. The business grows but is capped at the point where the owner is still involved in every aspect. This plateau often falls short of the big goals and dreams that drove the founder to begin in the first place. A significant shift is required to break through...

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How to Build Financial Projections that Help You Hit Your Goals Sooner

forecasting projections Apr 18, 2019

As a business owner, few things are as important as having a plan. With a clear picture of the next year, you have guidance to confidently navigate whatever comes your way (and sleep peacefully at night). Without one, you're left reacting to the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey with the hope your guesses won’t cause too much damage.

Maybe a potential investor is asking for a forecast and you want to make sure you tell an accurate story of what’s possible in the future. Maybe you’re tired of guessing about the next season and want a road map that ensures you don’t run out of cash or inventory in the next 12 months. Or, you might be at the point where you know more is possible and are ready to define how profitable an upgraded version 2.0 of your business could be.

There are obvious benefits that come as a result of having a clear plan in place: predictability, confidence, flexibility, control, freedom, and the list goes on. While the detailed...

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From Kickstarter to Consistent Cash Flow: The Roadmap to a Sustainable Business

kickstarter raising money Mar 20, 2019

A successful product launch is one of the great highs that an entrepreneur experiences and few moments are as validating that you are taking your business in the right direction. Not long after the confetti falls, the reality sets in that there’s a job to be done.

For a new business, this is a significant fork in the road:

Should you periodically use Kickstarter for each new product release?


Should you create a self-sustaining business?

What are the ingredients of a sustainable business?

1. You have the first key ingredient: customers.

2. A clear end goal and a plan for the future.  

3. An ecosystem of experts.  Entrepreneurs surround themselves with people who do what they don’t have the time for. This includes a digital marketer, bookkeeper and assistant or implementer.

These are not small tasks, but it’s the only way for you as the business owner and visionary to get your head above water. Your new job is to make sure everything is moving in the...

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Bridging The Gap: What to do when everyone's guessing

 Amplify recently spent some time in San Diego attending the Traffic & Conversions Summit, which bills itself as the largest marketing event in North America. Thousands of digital marketers gather each year to take a look at the current snapshot of digital marketing trends and to help businesses plan accordingly.

We left the conference with some great practical takeaways. The most significant nugget of truth we left with, however, was a confirmation of our previous suspicions: business owners and digital marketers experience a very real communication gap.  

In the back-and-forth conversation of ad spend and projections, business owners often don’t know their numbers as well as they think, and marketers usually take owners at their word. This disconnect can send well-intentioned businesses down the wrong path.

What Causes This Gap?

If you’re a small business owner, you understand the insane number of hats a single person is required to wear. In addition to...

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